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About the Summit

Building on our legacy of fostering innovation and driving technological advancement, the ELCIA Tech Summit is designed to be a dynamic platform that explores disruptive technologies, policy frameworks, and growth opportunities within the tech industry.

The Summit promises to be a confluence of ideas and innovations, attracting thought leaders, industry experts, policymakers, and innovators from across the globe.

Date & Time
Friday, July 26, 2024
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


The First Edition of the ELCIA Tech Summit 2024 welcomes you!

Let’s together make this Summit significant and impactful, in shaping the future of technology.

This Is For You...

Engage with experts, discover new trends, network with your future collaborators, and drive the next era of technology. 

We need experts to lead the way! Engage with pioneering thought leaders, drive discussions on cutting-edge technologies, and influence policy frameworks. This summit is an opportunity to lead the charge in innovation, connect.

We want to see you succeed! Discover transformative technologies, explore collaboration opportunities, and learn from industry trailblazers. Unlock growth potential by connecting with peers and innovators across the tech spectrum.

Lead with innovation in the public sector. Delve into discussions on policy, innovation, and public-private partnerships. Collaborate with industry leaders and policymakers to harness technology for public good and improve efficiency.

Academic leaders should take advantage of the Summit, engage with thought leaders, learn about the newest technological advancements, and grow their professional networks.

In the Spotlight


Showcasing the latest breakthroughs in fields like Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Robotics, and more.


Display of Innovative Technological Solutions to inspire the attendees.

Networking &

Opportunities for strategic partnerships, networking avenues, and entrepreneurial endeavors for organization and individuals.

Our Esteemed Speakers

Event Agenda and Schedule

ELCIA Tech Summit 2024 will have keynote sessions by tech ‘celebrities’, lively panel discussions, and an intense hackathon. Dive deep into the world of emerging technologies driving industries, and leverage them to fuel a more efficient workflow. 

Live Stream

Registration and Opening Ceremonies

Opening Speech – Mr. Sriram Kumar (President, ELCIA)

Session 01

Panel Discussion

The Shape of things to come: Generative AI at the Helm.

Session 02

Panel Discussion

HERE AND NOW: Industry 4.0+: Showcasing IOT, Robotics, and Digitalization

Session 03

Speeches + Q&A

SOARING INDIA: From Earth to Orbit and Beyond

Session 04


ESG Integration for Sustainable Growth: Strategies for Corporates and MSMEs

Experience Zone

Get ready to experience cutting-edge technology up close. At our Tech Summit, we will showcase a range of groundbreaking innovations that push the boundaries of what’s possible. From interactive 3D chatbots like Nebula to advanced AI systems and immersive virtual reality experiences, our summit brings you the latest advancements in tech, all designed to inspire and amaze.


ELCIA Tech Summit 2024 promises to be a confluence of ideas and innovations, attracting thought leaders, industry experts, policy makers and innovators from across the globe.


Join us for an exhilarating Hackathon! This event is your chance to showcase your innovation and problem-solving skills. Collaborate with brilliant minds, tackle real-world challenges, and create groundbreaking solutions.

With exciting prizes and networking opportunities, this Hackathon promises to be a transformative experience. Don’t miss out on this chance to make an impact and propel your career to new heights. Register now and be part of the innovation wave!


ELCIA 2024 Tech Summit is an all-inclusive and growth-oriented
gathering for companies, related sectors and individuals.


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Venue: The Oterra
43, Velankani Tech Park, Hosur Road, Electronics City Phase 1
Electronics City, Bengaluru – 560100
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