ELCIA Tech Summit

Mr Ashok Panda

Vice President & Global Head
AI & Automation Services
Infosys Ltd.

Prof Bharadwaj Amrutur

Director (Executive)
& Chief Technologist

Mr Sandeep Alur

Chief Technology Officer
Microsoft Technology Center, India

Ms Latha Chembrakalam

Vice President &
Head of Technical Center
Continental Automotive, India

Mr Ashwin Vanikar

Independent Consultant & Trainer
Automation Solutions

Mr Mahendra Patil

National Head, Robots & Tech Support

Ms Laxmy M. Krishnan

Director & Head
Wipro Lab45 Innovation Center

Dr Gopichand Katragadda

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Myelin Foundry

Mr Vedaprakash G.

Head-Business Development
& Government Relations
Tata Advanced Systems

Dr Srinivasan Dwarakanath

Strategic Advisor
Aviation & Aerospace

Dr Veerappan V.

Chairman, ELCITA
Co Founder Tessolve

Mr Guruprakash Sastry

Head of Climate Action
Infosys Ltd.

Ms Sheril Christopher

Country EHS Head & DAN Chair
3M India Ltd.

Event Agenda and Schedule

ELCIA Tech Summit 2024 will have keynote sessions by tech ‘celebrities’, lively panel discussions, and an intense hackathon. Dive deep into the world of emerging technologies driving industries, and leverage them to fuel a more efficient workflow. 

Live Stream

Registration and Opening Ceremonies

Opening Speech – Mr Sriram Kumar (President, ELCIA)

Session 01

Panel Discussion

The shape of things to come: Generative AI at the helm

Mr Ashok Panda

Vice President & Global Head, AI &
Automation Services at Infosys

Prof Bhardwaj Amrutur

Professor at IISc, Director (Executive) &
Chief Technologist at ARTPARK

Mr Sandeep Alur

CTO at Microsoft Technology Center, India

Ms Latha Chembrakalam(Moderator)

Vice President & Head of Technical Centre India, Continental Automotive India

Session 02

Panel Discussion

HERE AND NOW: Industry 4.0+: Showcasing
IOT,Robotics,and Digitalization 

Mr Ashwin Vaniker

Independent Consultant & Trainer for Automation Solutions.

Ms Laxmy M Krishnan

Director and Head of Wipro’s Lab45 Innovation Center

Mr Mahendra Patil

National Head Robots & Tech Support at FANUC India

Dr Gopichand Katragadda (Moderator)

Founder and CEO at Myelin Foundry

Session 03

Talks+ Q&A

SOARING INDIA: From Earth to Orbit and Beyond 

Dr Srinivasan Dwarakanath

Strategic Advisor in Aviation and Aerospace. Adjunct Faculty, Former CEO & MD, Airbus India Operations

Mr Veda Prakash G

Head-Business Development & Government Relations at Weapons, Satellite & Sensors Business unit of Tata Advanced Systems

Dr V Veerappan (Moderator)

ELCITA Chairman & Co Founder at Tessolve

Session 04


ESG Integration for Sustainable Growth:
Strategies for Corporates and MSMEs  

Mr Guruprakash Sastry

Head of Climate Action at Infosys

Ms Sheril Christopher

EHS Country Manager and Diverse Ability Network Chair and EHS Global Auditor at 3M India Ltd

Award Session – Hackathon

Vote of Thanks  

Mr Vaidyanathan A


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